Interior design and fashion are two different industries, but they encompass a sense of style. From your living room to the closet, you can apply some simple but stylish tactics to let people know that you are a classy interior designer.

Weather-Appropriate Dressing

Consider wearing the right outfit to match the season. Get some warm trousers and match them with cozy jackets or sweaters in winter. When the sun comes out, get some seamless tights to keep you comfortable when jogging. Similarly, your home decor should change with the seasons. Lighter fabrics for rugs and brighter colors on windows add an element of fun in hotter months.

Classic Pieces

Invest in outfits that you can use over time. The problem with trending fashion is that they come and go yet you have put money into them. Look for quality clothes and furniture pieces from show-stopping chandeliers, leather jackets, to classic chairs you will still want to have in 20 years to come.


Check yourself in the mirror before going out and unnecessary things off. It doesn’t mean you stop being creative. You need to communicate your style without going overboard. Let your manner be digestible and non-cluttered like a Scandinavian home decor. Add visual breaks to your attire and unify the whole look.

Mix and Match

The days of matching hues are long gone. Show your creativity just like you do with interior design. You don’t want everything from the head to the toe to be identical. Go bold in one area and mute the other parts. Mix expensive bracelets with low-end earrings. Go for different brands- vintage and modern to create a unique style.

Authenticity is invaluable when it comes to fashion and design. Perhaps you prefer a quirky design that is hardly seen on other people’s Pinterest Boards. Trends should not side-track you from creating a unique home or dressing style.